Have a go at video dressage!

Do you own a smart phone or tablet?

Have you got a friend?

Then you have all you need to try our new e-dressage competition!

  • Only £5 per test (introductory offer for February only)
  • No plaiting / competition dress required
  • No travelling
  • No riding in public
  • No stress
  • Listed judge
  • Rosettes to 6th place
  • No school needed, just somewhere where you can mark out a 20x40m arena


It’s simple! Just ask someone to stand at C and video your test – please film 4 seconds before you start the test and 4 seconds after the salute. Why not team up with a friend or two and film each other?  

Then send your video, along with the name of the horse and rider and the test you are riding to via WhatsApp to 07974749605 or to Ros Hobbs on Facebook Messenger. If you don’t have either of these apps you can upload the video to YouTube and send the link via email to Riders2000entry@hotmail.com. Payment can be sent by BACS to Riders 2000 Sort Code: 51-61-40 A/C no: 882938223 (please use e-dressage as the reference) or by PayPal (friends and family) to Riders2000entry@hotmail.com

February Tests

Intro A
Prelim 13
Novice 34
Elementary 44


  • All videos must be received by 20 February 2020.
  • Results will be available by February 29th.
  • With the exception of competition dress, the competition will be run under BD rules.
  • Hats to the current safety standard, boots and gloves must be worn.
  • Callers are permitted but coaching is not.
  • Videos used in other competitions cannot be used.
  • A new video must be filmed for every entry.
  • You must film ONE test in its entirety. Any tests that have been edited will be disqualified.

Helpful hints

  • Always film in landscape (sideways) with the sound on.
  • Don’t film into the sun
  • Zoom only when necessary for the judge to see the movements at the A end of the school and as little as possible. Do not zoom in and out frequently or a long way.
  • Keep the horse and rider in the centre of the frame and in full view of that part of the arena, especially if making a transition by a marker.
  • Standing a little back from the arena and on a mounting block or steps will give a better view of the arena.
  • You can use cones, bales of hay, boxes, or anything suitable to mark out your arena and write the letters clearly on a piece of paper.
  • Don’t wear baggy clothing or colours that are distracting as this makes judging more difficult.

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